North West Theatre

The Life and Death of Marina Abramovi?

Robert Wilson, Marina Abramovi?, Antony, Willem Dafoe
09 Jul 11 to 16 Jul 11
The Lowry
Part of: Manchester International Festival

Starring Marina Abramovi?, Willem Dafoe and an international cast of actors and performance artists, the show features scenes from Abramovi?’s life and career, from her Serbian childhood to her work as a performance artist with original and traditional music, including songs written and performed by the incomparable Antony.

Most suitable for ages 14+

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...a series of long set pieces, each of which could be a performance installation piece by itself... The link is Dafoe's white-faced, orange-haired character... Looking—and behaving—rather like a Batman villain, he narrates and provides a vital link between the abstract visual images and Abramovic's biography... Antony's musical direction... blends together very well. Dafoe gives a very impressive performance that is totally committed to the style of the whole piece... not for everyone... but it is fascinating to watch, beautiful to look at, extremely impressive in the detail of its construction and certainly worth a look for the more adventurous...
British Theatre Guide
...frequently perverse but utterly compelling... intensely naval gazing... part living art installation and performance art biography, offering up a weird, sometimes wonderful fusion of visual, movement and music disciplines... more a show to absorb than to try to follow.
The Stage
...can be read as a more general meditation on life and death. Its visually stunning succession of scenes, although almost searing in their clarity, suggest multiple meanings... Throughout, the collaboration of music, light, sound, text and design is exceptional. All of the performers combine high levels of technical expertise with extraordinary emotional intensity... At its least good moments, this production is simply beautiful; but, at its best, it offers something more than the sum of its excellent parts.
The Observer