North West Theatre

Scouse Pacific

Fred Lawless
26 Nov 10 to 22 Jan 11
Royal Court Theatre

Many years ago, shipwrecked stowaway Billy Reilly from Walton was washed ashore.

Finding himself on an island that was populated mainly by women, Billy made the most of it and now, in 2010, his legacy continues - an island community of Scousers in the South Pacific.

There’s a hissable scheming villain... Paul Duckworth in delightfully oily, eyebrow-raising form... a gullible sidekick... while Alan Stocks’s spirit-infused Father O’Flaherty... has hints of the panto dame... so many characters vying to steal the show it’s a miracle they don’t get their own Crimewatch special... It’s certainly not subtle but what it is is great fun... even when the show occasionally start to flag... or the jokes wear a little thin, it’s still delivered with a huge dollop of enthusiasm and gusto...
Liverpool Echo (Rating: 8/10)
...a surreal play that is cleverly written, brilliantly acted and totally crazy... [Fred] Lawless has the ability to make even the most ridiculous plot work... The cast is brilliant...
The Stage
Fred Lawless has a knack for spinning Merseyside variants of old sitcom formats... could be taken as a stinging satire on Liverpool's tendency to undermine its heritage with ruthless commercial exploitation. Alternately, it's proof that adult pantomime doesn't necessarily have to feature Jim Davidson and a lot of smutty jokes...
The Guardian (Rating: 3/5)
...a laugh a minute from beginning to end... The set designed by Mark Walters was amazing... the highlight of this show has to be the superb performance of Queens ‘ Bohemian Rhapsody’ which featured a fantastic and most impressive guitar solo from Andrew Schofield...
The Public Reviews (Rating: 4/5)