North West Theatre

Hay Fever

Noël Coward
14 Jun 13 to 29 Jun 13
Oldham Coliseum Theatre

Join the Bohemian Bliss family for a perfect weekend in the country – or that’s what their luckless guests are looking forward to, up from town and longing to wind down.

But instead afternoon tea and tennis, the achingly polite visitors stumble upon family feuds, tantrums, outlandish behaviour and resentment. As the plot unravels, the Bliss’s secrets and true colours are revealed as the self-absorbed family veer between mutual loathing and adoration, much to the horror of their captive audience.

In the centre of it all is the glamorously eccentric Judith Bliss, commanding attention from her spoiled off spring and David her tortured writer of a husband.

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