North West Theatre

Future Shock

Richard Stockwell
Killing Time
26 Jan 12 to 28 Jan 12
The Lowry
Part of: re:play

Laura is woken early from hypersleep because she has run out of money. She is waiting for her lover to return from a deep space exploration.

Stranded eight hundred years out of her own time and faced with an implacable corporation that despises the imperfections of the past, she must find a way to travel the remaining hundred years to reach her lover, facing terrifying decisions along the way.

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...a thoughtful and intriguing sci-fi drama... Within the confines of a suitably claustrophobia-inducing monochrome set, the performances are energetic and assured... under the eye of director Elisa Amesbury they create a clear and emotional story from Richard Stockwell’s dense and complex text... writing is strong...
What's On Stage (Rating: 4/5)
...use of awkward futuristic slang... The points made in the play are like the editorials in the broadsheets – they make us feel better for a good old shout but do not really convey the disgust of the average person about the idiots who caused this mess... Although Alice Brockway tries very hard the author has not really given her the material needed to make Laura a vivid personality... Christine Clare... creates a really disturbing villain...
The Public Reviews (Rating: 3/5)