North West Theatre


Lucia Cox
House of Orphans
18 Jan 12 to 21 Jan 12
The Lowry
Part of: re:play

Alone in a room full of scattered pomegranates, a grandfather clock and a dressing up box, The ‘Blackbird’ shares the secrets of her past, her obsession with movie trivia and the disturbing reason she’s in love with the man upstairs.

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...cleverly manipulates the audiences perceptions... looks perfectly at home on the Lowry Studio stage... [Lucia] Cox's performance does reach the back of the auditorium, and an impressive performance it is too... one or two minor directorial affections but generally the production is slick and imaginative... I suspect we will be seeing more of Cox after this impressive debut.
British Theatre Guide
...a thought-provoking play... You find yourself sympathetic to Blackbird’s plight yet horrified at the same time... needs far more humour to give the depressing facts more impact. It also, leaves you puzzling about the captor’s identity and fate.
What's On Stage (Rating: 3/5)
...a dark and mesmerising tale of the truly complex nature of love... [Lucia] Cox is undoubtably a writer of great talent. The rich dialogue used throughout ‘Blackbird’ is littered with wonderfully weird metaphors and eclectic film references... displaying an excellent physicality and vocal range throughout, Lucia Cox creates a mysteriously empathetic central figure... Director James Foster does a good job at bringing the script to life... an example of fringe theatre at its best...
The Public Reviews (Rating: 4/5)