North West Theatre

Hope in Boxes / A Light in Every Window

Nicola Schofield
Elysion Productions
12 Jan 12 to 13 Jan 12
The Lowry

A double bill of premières from playwright Nicola Schofield.

Hope in Boxes: two Grandchildren sort through their Nan’s letters and photos. As scenes bring Nan’s experiences of the Second World War to life, the contrasts of social pressures across generations become blurred and issues of hidden sexuality are revealed.

A Light in Every Window: a fast, contemporary drama of parties, love, marriage, infidelity, shocking consequences and ultimately the subtlety of sweet revenge.

Nothing listed ambitious play... What is lacking, however, is any sense of urgency or even drama... The conclusion is vague... The cast are excellent though and the understated performance of Lee Joseph and Phil Minns beautifully captures the longing of disguised lovers... A Light in Every Window is a much more confused play... None of the characters are particularly likable...
What's On Stage (Rating: 3/5)
a wonderful relationship between... a nervous gay man, and his conscripted lover... played with a great amount of grace and control by the wonderful Phil Minns.... [and] the very versatile Lee Joseph... The plot unravels quite nicely and the conclusion is satisfying but it took a little too long to get there... A Light in Every Window, is very different... very loud and lively; unfortunately the dialogue was inaudible in places... feels like something was missing...
The Public Reviews (Rating: 3/5)