North West Theatre

Goldilocks and the Three Amazing Bears

02 Dec 11 to 08 Jan 12
Albert Halls

Starring Stu Francis.

Dame Tilly Tart's Travelling Circus is owned by Goldilocks's mother. Rival circus owner Mayor Ringer's neglected bears escape to the forest. His reward for their return persuades Goldilocks to look for them.

The Spirit of the Forest guides her to their hiding place and turns them into happy "nursery rhyme" bears. Much to the Mayor's anger the bears join Dame Tilly's circus.

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...comes as a welcome relief to find a seasonal show that sets its sights so unashamedly on entertaining the little ones... Stu Francis, whose decades of experience of entertaining kids comes shining through... The bears themselve... take a bit too long in coming... Big Top-centred antics in the second half to hold the attention of the most fidgety junior audience member.
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