North West Theatre

Jack and the Beanstalk

09 Dec 11 to 08 Jan 12
The Plaza

Stockport’s Giant Family Pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk starring Claire Sweeney and Paul Shane.

...very entertaining, especially for the little ones... [Penny] Clarke is a cute, likeable character and later proves to have an excellent voice; [Claire] Sweeney however, while looking stunning, is much harder to hear... Lucia Matisse, is lovely looking - but seems to lack a little of the conviction necessary for the principle girl... the show is stolen by Mick Dundee as Simple Simon... and Steve Luck as an over-the-top Dame Durden... Paul Shane as King Ethelred is nicely underplayed but he looks frail...
What's On Stage (Rating: 4/5)
Steve Luck as panto dame Durden and Mick Dundee as her son Simple Simon... are, frankly, effortless children’s entertainers... completely overshadow the supposed star of the show, Claire Sweeney... good, old-fashioned, and most importantly, completely involving fun.
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