North West Theatre

Pantos On Strike

11 Jan 12 to 14 Jan 12
Opera House

Attention grown up boys and girls, Panto land is in crisis. Evil King Foo has kidnapped Princess Crystal so all of your favourite panto characters have gone out on strike in protest. Who can save this fairy tale world & restore order in Panto land?

Step forward Panto hero Jonny Wilkes and his less-than-enthusiastic side-kick Paddy McGuinness to rescue the situation. The odds are stacked against them but with the help of Snow White, Big Dick Whittington, a cross dressing dwarf and a whole host of other panto characters, they'll try their best.

...follows traditional panto tradition... but little slapstick and less double entendre and more overt sexual references... some colourful language to sometimes great effect and other times simply for the sake of it... There is no doubting the comic chemistry between these two and between them they certainly win the audience over... the script needs more work. It is a little too obvious in places...
The Public Reviews (Rating: 3/5)
...With a slightly slow start, the pace picks up in the second act... A constant friendly banter between [Jonathan] Wilkes and [Paddy] McGuinness, definitely adds something... The jokes tend to wear thin... the dancers frequently not being in time... a basic set design...
What's On Stage (Rating: 3/5)