North West Theatre

Rita, Sue and Bob too!

Andrea Dunbar
12 Oct 11 to 16 Oct 11
St Helens Theatre Royal

Starring Tina Malone (Shameless) as Michelle, Comedian Mickey Finn as Bob, Danielle Malone (Hollyoaks) as Rita, Abby Mavers as Sue, Franny Bennett as Bob, Angela Simms as Mum and Paul Malone as Sam.

Rita and Sue are two working class girls from a rundown council estate. In their spare time, they earn money babysitting for Bob and Michelle.

Bob embarks on an affair with both Rita and Sue, who take it in turns to have sex with him in his car in the countryside. When Michelle eventually finds out, she leaves Bob - but not before confronting Rita and Sue outside their homes in front of their families and neighbours.

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