North West Theatre


Jim Cartwright
18 Jan 12 to 25 Feb 12
Royal Exchange Theatre

In a northern pub, a landlord and landlady welcome you to join the colourful collection of people who make it their local. In this public place, you'll glimpse some private moments as we overhear snippets from the bittersweet lives and relationships of the regulars.

Justin Moorhouse On ... Two

Stand up comedian, actor, radio presenter and recent Celebrity Mastermind record breaker Justin Moorhouse stars in Jim's Cartwright's classic Two which opens at the Royal Exchange Theatre next week.
What's On Stage

Jim Cartwright's distinctive prose, at once poetic and northern working class, tells a wide variety of stories, most funny and some shocking or moving... Victoria Elliott is particularly impressive in the range and distinctiveness of the characters she creates... Justin Moorhouse... holds his own with some pretty decent performances and great stage charisma... sends the audience through a mix of emotions from hilarity to tears and is well worth seeing.
British Theatre Guide
Comedian Justin Moorhouse and actress Victoria Elliott work wonderfully as a team... Cartwright’s script successfully thrusts the audience into a whirlwind of emotion... for anybody familiar with the playwright’s work, there is not a significant ‘surprise’... plenty of laughs, some heartfelt moments and impressive costume changes... fabulous show.
What's On Stage (Rating: 4/5)
...funny, wistful, surprising and tender... sometimes a predictable script and plots... [Victoria] Elliott and [Justin] Moorhouse are largely successful in their interpretations... moments of stand-up style interaction with audience members are confidently handled by both actors, with razor sharp comments and great expression... good performances but lacking some magic in areas of the script...
The Public Reviews (Rating: 4/5)