North West Theatre

Snow White

Crown Productions
09 Dec 11 to 08 Jan 12
Royal Court Theatre

This timeless story of a beautiful princess in a fairytale land is perfect for children of all ages and the show is packed with local talent. Sparkling sets, lavish costumes and lots of silly jokes – this is everything that pantomime should be.

The beautiful interior of the Liverpool Royal Court really suits the magic and you feel transported to panto land pretty quickly with the surprisingly good sets. But the atmosphere feels rather flat and the overall performance does not manage to change that... the dialogue... is often lazy... Mickey Finn and the 6 children as dwarves who all had their voices dubbed seems incredibly bizarre... this Snow White just isn’t strong enough.
What's On Stage (Rating: 2/5)
...certainly one for the kids... a bit sparse on added elements that would appeal to the chaperoning adults... The slickest performance comes from Nickelodeon presenter Jamie Rickers... Chris Crookall... is a memorable dame but threatens to be upstaged by his increasingly silly costumes...
Liverpool Daily Post