North West Theatre

The Wizard of Oz

07 Apr 11 to 09 Apr 11
Royal Court Theatre

A spectacular new production of the classic story starring a host of famous TV stars, including Bobby Davro as Scarecrow, Sarah-Jane Honeywell as Glinda, Ben Hanson as Tin Man and Steph Fearon as Dorothy plus a full supporting cast and a live band.

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Bobby Davro... as Hay Man and... the brainless Scarecrow... doesn’t quite steal the show, but it’s clear who rules the roost... the Tin Man in search of a heart is played to perfection by Tracy Beaker actor Ben Hanson... the Lion, played wonderfully by fine-voiced Jimmy Burton-Iles, a touch on the effeminate side... Over The Rainbow’s Steph Fearon wowed the Royal Court “judges” with her stunning voice and a smile that shone... Purist fans might recoil in horror, but with silliness and slapstick, Oz was just Wiz.
Liverpool Echo (Rating: 8/10)
The gags flew thick and fast... In truth, they flew a bit too fast... for the youngsters dressed as Dorothy, it must have felt a long wait until their heroine emerged on stage... Scarecrow was Bobby Davro again, whose bumbling, lisping, loveable character had a strong dash of straw-stuffed legend Wurzel Gummidge... The second half upped the pace and slung on the slapstick, to excellent effect... The production is a touch long... but lavish costumes, terrific performances and a veritable hurricane of jokes meant this Wizard’s spell mostly worked a treat.
Liverpool Daily Post